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Crawl Space and Attic CleaningWhen it comes to cleaning and insulation, the last place most people consider is the attic and crawl space. This is because people really do not believe that attics require the care and maintenance they actually do. All this results in neglect until the moment arrives when the attic becomes infested with insects and rodents and manifests strange smells that not only affect the overall air of the house but also affect you and your family’s health.

In order to know what services your attic requires, you will need to first assess the damage that has been done. Sometimes even insulated attics are subject to certain infestations due to insulation thinning out and wearing down overtime.

Here is an overview of the things you can expect to find in your attic and how Attic Cleaning Auburn WA would tackle them:

  • Rodent Infestation

    Following a cold winter, you might find that your attic or crawl space had been home to a family of rodents. You might find their nests, their droppings, their skeletons and many other unpleasant remains. Crawl space and attic cleaning by Crawl space Cleaning Auburn, WA will serve to remove any droppings, dead rodents, their urine traces and various other nuisances from your crawl space and attic.

  • Holes and Cracks

    Overtime, holes and cracks can develop in the insulation that can let in air and the weather from outside. This can spell disaster for your energy and utility bills. Your HVAC system will have to work twice as hard and thus will consume double the energy than it usually needs just to keep temperatures normal. A good attic insulator will take care of these problems while your attic is being cleaned out. Air Duct Cleaning Auburn will make sure to cover any and all cracks, holes and crevices through which outside air might enter your home and disrupt your environmental settings.

  • Mold

    Mold is yet another problem that can arise due to the presence of cracks, holes and crevices in the insulation. That is not only harmful to breathe in but also causes wood and other items to decay because of shoddy insulation. Furthermore, this mold is also responsible for bad odors around the house and in extreme cases can even cause mildew to spread through the house causing various breathing problems for the members.

  • Attic Insulation

    After a thorough cleaning comes the next step which is of attic insulation. Due to the passage of time, the insulation of your attic can wear thin and get filled with holes and cracks. These can then let in air, dirt, bugs and even rainwater. In order to get rid of these, one must make sure that the attic is fully insulated in the best manner possible.

Even if your attic is perfectly in order but doesn’t contain insulation, you might want to consider the matter because insulation can help reduce your energy bills by 25 to 30 percent.

How Air Duct Cleaning Auburn would help you?

When opting for attic insulation or crawl space and attic cleaning, you cannot simply do things yourself. First, you will need to make sure that your attic or crawl space is cleaned properly. This can only be done by the proper equipment that we have. Secondly, the next step would be to fill in any cracks and crevices. This is a job that needs to be performed by professionals trained to do the job so that no space gets left behind. The third step would be to install the insulation that is possible by equipment that, again only professionals possess. Air Duct Cleaning Auburn WA can help you with that! We know how to perform a job and perform it well since we specialize in it. What’s more, we are just a phone call or an email away. So contact us now and you won’t be disappointed with our services!

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